There Are Two Sides to Every Story. 

PR and freelance journalists (and editors, for that matter) need each other. When we come together to tell compelling stories, the results are beautiful.

Welcome to Pitchcraft, the first premium membership designed to help you unearth incredible stories. As you progress through the tools and resources offered here, you’ll be able to leverage those ideas to improve your pitching prowess, build up your media Rolodex, and become an integral part of a powerful, collaborative community.


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Who Is This For?

Pitchcraft is a membership for boutique PR agency owners, account executives and freelance publicists who wish they had:

  • Access to pricey databases and massive lists of journalists in your focus areas
  • The support of a large agency to whom you can delegate pitching and outreach 
  • A strong network of colleagues with whom you can bounce ideas around at any time of day
  • Bandwidth to research and set up individual meetings with every relevant journalist and editor
  • A high success rate of breaking through the noise amidst hundreds of pitches that show up in journalists’ inboxes daily
  • An endless flow of creativity to continually come up with innovative story angles
  • Restful sleep every night because you’re not constantly stressed about working to keep current clients happy while marketing your services to grow your business

You want—and need—to do all of these things to succeed in the new world of digital media and PR, but you can only do so much on your own. Stop wishing and become a part of the Pitchcraft community.

What's Included?

Breakout Brainstorms

Weekly live mastermind sessions with behind-the-story sharing, group discussion and collaborative idea generation to help you solve challenges and spark fresh creativity.

Office Hours

Weekly pre-recorded interviews with top freelance journalists and editors in your focus areas, including lifestyle topics such as travel, food and beverage, wellness and home.

Pop-Up Discussions

Regular live video conversations with editors and industry experts on cutting-edge media news, trends and timely focus areas such as gift guides or affiliate marketing.

Pitchcraft Community

Access to a private, members-only discussion space away from social media to share ideas, wins, challenges, resources, and continue conversations from other Pitchcraft events.

Who's Behind It?


It’s not about me, but it’s my honor to bring you Pitchcraft. I’m Kelsey Ogletree, an independent journalist based in Alabama. I earned a master’s degree in magazine journalism and spent eight years as an editor before being laid off in 2017. I fumbled my way through my first year of freelancing, pitching random ideas to every publication I could think of, hearing mostly crickets from editors and burning out in the process. I finally hit my stride by going back to basics: Focusing on strong story development first, followed by honing my pitch craft and developing relationships. That’s what led me to launch my Office Hours series in 2020, which sold out every session. Together, we’re taking the creativity, connections and community developed through Office Hours to the next level with Pitchcraft.

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